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Vedsko vjenčanje u Sarajevu

Prije nekoliko dana, imali smo u Sarajevu pravo-pravcato vedsko vjenčanje (na sanskritu: vivaha yajnu (čita se jagju). Mladenci Campaka valli devi dasi i Istadeva gaura das su mi dozvolili da sa vama podijelim slike i utiske. Pošto ću dugo, dugo pamtiti ovo vjenčanje iz mnogo lijepih razloga, željela sam sa vama podijeliti i svoje utiske, ali na kraju sam zaključila da je sve to teško strpati u riječi i blog, pa se nadam da će vam slike govoriti više od riječi.

Malo više o Vaišnavskim/Vedskim vjenčanjima:

A Sanctified Union

Author: Dhyana-kunda Devi Dasi

Hare Krishna couples know from the start that their life together has a spiritual purpose.

A Vaishnava wedding (a wedding of devotees of Krishna) is not only a colorful, joyful ceremony but also a source of devotional inspiration for years to come. When difficulties arise in the relationship, we may ask ourselves, "How did I get into this situation? Why did I marry this person?" Then the mind will go back to the wedding day and automatically remember Lord Krishna, His devotees, and His loving service.

Sanctioning a relationship by a Vaishnava wedding is not all it takes to make a marriage successful. And one can even undergo this meaningful ceremony thoughtlessly. One person will meditate on the ritual's essential meaning, while another may be preoccupied worrying about a pimple. The foundation for a good marriage is laid long before, beginning from childhood. Proper motives for entering the relationship are essential. A senior devotee, married for many years, once told me, "If we are honest and respect each other, Krishna can make our marriage like soft grasses, and if we are cheaters, He can make it like a swamp."

Still, the Vaishnava wedding ceremony helps the couple take their first step together in harmony with each other and with God. Even if the partners have already lived together before accepting Krishna consciousness, undergoing the vivaha-samskara can deepen their relationship and make it more satisfying. It helps the couple realize, "We are together not because it somehow happened this way, not by mistake, not in a passing episode of blind passion. The life we share is sanctified and meaningful, an important aspect of our spiritual life. Any little effort to make our relationship pleasing to Krishna goes to our eternal benefit."

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